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Hey guys:)
It´s us... Dani &Sandra:)
I bet you´re wondering why we made this page...Well...
fist of all: We were REALLY bored:)
secondly, we noticed that hardly anybody ever went on Chris´s homepage ( no offence chris) so we´re gonna try to keep this page as up tp date as possible filled with news and the newest information.
 Wir haben auf dieser Seite auch die Daten der Klassenarbeiten, parties, bällen und sonstiges...
In case some og you are having troubles with what to wear to theball, we linked a few "abendmode" seiten... 
just check it out and tell us what you think about it indem ihr einen Gästebuch Eintrag macht.
In case you have any improvement ideas, let us know:) enjoyXD